Dan Grant Associates is able to provide project teams or individual experts to meet agreed objectives within negotiated timescales.
All of our work is scrutinised through quality improvement systems as we pride ourselves in ensuring our customers remain completely satisfied with our services.
All associates are registered specialists within their own field of expertise. They adhere to professional codes of conduct and practice requirements.
Commissioning our services is simple:
Simply use our ‘contact us’ page to complete an online enquiry form or telephone us to discuss your needs. If you are unsure we will offer advice and solutions.
We Aspire To
  • enable people to reach optimum professional, personal and organisational potential,
  • empower people and organisations to implement positive change,
  • be innovative, creative, proactive and responsive,
  • provide global services that address the complex needs of clients,
  • offer solutions,
  • adhere to high ethical standards,
  • promote and reflect current policy in all we offer, and
  • foster positive learning experiences to improve outcomes.
Principles and Vision
Responsivity: Our first priority is meeting our clients’ needs. Allocation of commissions is based on the principle of responsivity. We match your needs to the strengths of our individual associates.
Innovation: Our associates are highly trained and qualified. Their skills are continually updated. This means we are able to offer clients innovative pathways and direction.
Solutions: We apply evidence-based research to create solutions. In addition we offer strategic planning, good judgement and effective communication to ensure clients achieve efficient and cost-effective services.
Roger Rowett
Roger Rowett has worked for a range of organisations within the voluntary, statutory and private sectors over a 30 year period. Most recently he worked as an HMI for Estyn (Education and Training Inspectorate for Wales) and Professional Advisor for Children's Services within the Care Standards Inspectorate for Wales (CSIW). He still works  as  an  AI  (Additional  Inspector)  for  Estyn
within adult community learning, work based training, and youth (YPP).
Roger originally qualified as a teacher, going on to work as a youth and community worker for the YMCA. He spent 10 years with the YMCA managing a number of projects including an advice and counselling centre for young people and a youth training scheme.
Roger's work experience has mostly centred on projects which support young people and vulnerable adults, this has included advocacy work. Much of his work has been related to supporting people with a learning disability. This has included coordinating a county wide forum for service users, carers and voluntary organisations.
Roger has also worked for an Internet company and designed information management systems for a wide range of clients within local government in Wales, England and Scotland.
Dr Les Gordon
Les has a background in social work and offender management. He has been a senior practitioner in Youth Justice and specialises in youth and gang cultures.

As a manager in the National Probation Service Les developed a very successful and nationally recognised model for offender learning and skills.
As a consultant Les has conducted risk audits and advised on matters such as safeguarding, citizenship and integrated and targeted youth support arrangements.
diversity We offer a service that promotes diversity and demonstrates how it can make you and your organisation more successful.
Key areas we address are: A diversity in disability report published by the Department for Work and Pensions examines the disadvantages experienced by people who are ‘disabled’.
This report is available via the following external link:
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